Friday, August 12, 2011

Some Pics of What I've Been Baking...

     Going through a lot of my pictures and am finding lots of cakes and other goodies that I've made in the last few months and forgot to post... See, my computer fried a few months ago and I had ALL of my pictures on it- an OF COURSE I had NOT backed anything up. :( And I haaaate posting a recipe without a picture. I know I personally like to have a picture to reference when making something new. So anyways, I have found some pics, some better than others, and I am going to post them here so you know what goodies you have to look forward to. :)  I will work on getting the recipes for them posted. Soooo... Til then, enjoy these pics.

     White Velvet Cake with Strawberry Filling (made when my brother brought my newest niece over to meet us for the first time): 


     White Velvet Version 2: Made for my friend's wedding anniversary.

     White Velvet Version 3 (yes, this cake is THAT good. LOL) I think this was made for another visit from my brother, but he had to cancel, so my friends came over and we ate it. :)

      Ready? Ok... White Velvet Version 4: (I promise this is the last white velvet... for now) ;) Made for my brother's birthday.


     Newest Tres Leches Cake with Chantilly Cream "Frosting" (this is the latest of my cakes and was made for my mama's birthday):


     Miscellaneous Flower Cup Cakes: (Still working on improving my piping, so cut me some slack. LOL)


     Oh! Sorry, I almost forgot I made the White Velvet into a mini cupcake. LOL :


     "Nirvana", Smiley Face and Jack Skellington Cookies:

     And then there was the Atomic Cake: (Made for a friend's wife's birthday)

     Ok... So that is it for now... I will start hunting through my recipes and posting them as I find em. (I tend to not be the most organized person :\)
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  1. I'm totally drooling right now. You rock girl! Instead of Rock the Oven I should change it to Rock's the sh*t out of the oven. :) Is it okay if I use some of these pics to make different blog buttons? I can't wait to see the recipes!

  2. Absolutely! Use what you'd like. :) I'm fighting a pretty icky case of bronchitis right now, but soon as I'm better I'll get back to work. This is just REEEALLY kicking my butt right now. :(


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