Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sock and Underwear Gnomes....


     At first it was just our socks that were disappearing, so I just assumed it was the good old Sock Monster... Now however, underwear is going missing, too. Now I am a fairly sane person, so I realize it is highly unlikely that there is a thief going around our town stealing only these items. Which is why I am convinced and nothing will change my mind...

     There are Sock and Underwear Gnomes and our house is on their hot list! Sneaking into our house in the middle of the night, each taking one lone sock, always leaving behind it's grief stricken mate to try and find love again one day. I'm not unreasonable, I can see how socks can be very useful for these gnomes. They can be used as purses, bags to lug rocks in, or to carry away other socks with... But our underwear??? What is the purpose of stealing THAT? They need to make parachutes?

     One thing is for sure, I will not rest until I stop them! Once and for all!! 
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