Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Very Productive Tuesday...

     It has been a pretty tiring couple days at our house... We (my mom and I) have been really focusing on getting our yard cleaned up, as it was starting to look pretty crummy. Several (HEAVY) bags of rocks and a WHOOOOLE lot of weeding and planting later, I think we're finally getting there.

     Yesterday and the day before we really focused on weeding that we had been putting off. Too many weeds along the outside of the fence to even attempt to pull, so we just went at em with the weed whacker. LOL My arms are STILL sore from that thing. I also made a big batch of meatballs, cooked them up and froze them for a later date. Yum!

     Today, we ran out to try and find some kind of ground cover to go along the outside of the fence, to hopefully crowd out some of these darn weeds, and of course to make it look a little nicer. We decided on a bunch of pretty little ground covers that should develop little yellow flowers on them, and got home and set to work. Planted 18 of them along the fence- which was definitely NOT fun! I am so out of shape, all the up and down, and squatting and bending and digging and... ugh! We'll just say, I am pretty sure that I will be sore later. We planted some more flowers in the garden bed at the front of the house and in the planter box in the same area. I sure wish I would've taken some before and after pictures, but I just wanted to get it done!  After all that?

POOL TIME!!!! Man, it felt SO good to get into that pool after working out in the heat all day. Spent a couple hours in the pool with my mom and the kiddies, where I stupidly decided "Hey! I'll get a little workout in while I'm in the pool." Yeah, I was already pretty sure I was going to be hurting from working my tail off today, now I'm certain of it. NOT the brightest idea, timing wise, at least. But oh well, at least I did something. :)

     I feel that I should add here, that I am super proud of my little L. She busted her cute little tail right along with us. She helped plant and water and did it all without complaining. Heck! She even did it with a smile on her face. No kidding. That's my girl!

Now, I'm off to go cook something yummy for dinner (not yet sure what!) and clean up the kitchen and get a couple loads of laundry done. I really should do as much as I can tonight, because I'm pretty sure I am going to be reeeeally sore tomorrow and won't feel like doing much at all. Man, I think I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight! At least I sure hope so.

Hmmmmm.... What the HECK to do for dinner?
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