Sunday, June 26, 2011

Excellent Customer Service.... NOT!

     So, my mom and I took a run to Menard's today and upon looking at bags of rocks, my mom notices an employee right next to us. So she turns and says to him, "Excuse me, I have a question. Are you busy?" After a minute of just looking at her he says "Yeah, I am." I said to my mom, "WOW, really? He can't take a second to answer a quick question?" And he says "I'm sorry." and leaves. STRIIIIIIIKE ONE!!!

     A little while later, my mom goes to another employee and asks if he knows what we can use to tie our newly planted tree to, to act as a sort of stake. He seriously stared at us with a COMPLETELY blank face. So, after a minute I say to my mom, "OK, let's just get a damn dowel rod." So my mom asks him where we could locate the dowel rods. *insert second looooong blank stare here* "ummm... a dowel rod? uhhhhh... ummmm... hold on. *yells to another employee* "Ummm... dowel rods?" To which the guy answers that they are located in the hardware section. My mom says "where is the hardware section?" and OMG! wait for it..... waaaait for iiiit..... Yet another blank stare!!!! This guy must be going for a record here!! We start walking away and he says "Oh, um do you need to know where Hardware is?" We just asked you that!!! Grrrrrr....

     We pay for our stuff and wheel our cart to the van and start unloading the cart. Maybe 5 feet away from me are SIX employees standing around the cart return while ONE of them collects the carts. (So five employees standing there doing NOTHING) Here I am picking up these huge HEAVY bags of rocks out of the cart and shoving them into the van. Not one of them asks if we need help, not one comes and asks if they can take the cart (which they usually DO if they are out collecting carts and you are right by the cart return) I pick up the fifth bag of rocks and the whole top of the bag rips all the way open. **insert string of profanities that flew out of my mouth here** Really??

STRIIIIIIKE THREEEEEE! Menard's, I think it's safe to say "you're out!" LOL

     But really, I have worked retail plenty of times, and let me tell you, if I ever treated a customer like that or ignored one- even if I was on break OR CLOCKED OUT- I would have been written up or even fired. Shame on you for not training your employees better... I know everyone has their "off" days and that I shouldn't be upset, but it REALLY burned my cookies, man. Cuz I've worked it and the customer is TOP priority. It'll be a while before I go back there.
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