Friday, June 24, 2011

Judge Me Not...

Over the years as a mother, I have observed many things.
  1. When you have a toddler, and you cannot find your keys? Check the toilet.
  2. Kiddies really DO have a knack for embarrassing you in the perfectly wrong place, at the perfectly wrong time. (all I will say is that this involved me, MY Superman undies, a full waiting room in a hospital and my son's need to point out "cool things" to people.)
  3. Kiddies can say some of the most off the wall things. (L, literally crying, "mommy I don't want you to die!" me: ohhh baby, I'm not planning on dying any time soon." L, crying even harder: "But...but... you're almost THIRTY!!!")
  4. Motherhood is expensive. LOL
     The thing that REALLY gets my Superman undies in a bunch tho, is how judgmental other moms can be. It seems like as soon as you have a baby, you suddenly have a sign taped to your back encouraging others to judge you. And they judge you on E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! What you wear, the kind of stroller or diaper bag or diapers you use. Whether you breast or bottle feed, co-sleeping or not, daycare vs staying at home. The list goes on forever. And if your child has a tantrum in public? You are automatically on the list for "the worst mother of the year award."

     Seriously?? Aren't us moms supposed to be on the same side here? Listen people, parenting is not a "one size fits all" deal. If it was, our children would come with an owners manual at birth. How we raise our children and run our families is a very personal decision. We each have to find what works best for us. So how about you do what you do, and I'll do what I do, and lets leave the judging for the beauty pageants. Deal? ;)
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