Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dragon Tales Cake...

     My mom was going to my brother's house for Thanksgiving this year to celebrate the twins' birthday. Of course I wanted to make the cake for them and asked what they were really into now. Dragon Tales. I scratched my head and was a bit stumped for a bit. Thought maybe I could just get some Dragon Tales figurines to top the cake with, but I couldn't find any. Which worked out for the best because it pushed me to attempt something I had wanted to do for a long time, but had never gotten around to actually doing... A Buttercream Transfer. In some aspects it was very easy to do. In other aspects, man did it suck. I was up all night trying to get it just right, my hands were cramping up like crazy, to the point where I could only pipe the icing for 2 minutes at a time before needing another break. Gotta love arthritis. UGH. But after everything was said and done, this was the final result. Maybe not the greatest, but for my very first attempt at this, I'm kinda proud of it. :)
buttercream transfer, dragon tales cake

I think it's pretty neat to know that you can take something like Buttercream and turn it into something like this!

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