Thursday, May 28, 2015

A little cheering up goes a loooong way...

I was having a pretty crummy day today. The teen and I got into a huge argument that just seemed to never end. That was directly followed by what I suspect was a blood pressure headache. It happens. So, after he had some time to think about everything I said, he noticed I was still pretty down in the dumps. He then decided to cheer me up by dressing my youngest in his wrestling gear and having a wrestling match with her.

"Mom! Mom! Come here! Come look at your kid!"

Can I just say "Awwww, what a great big brother!!" Well I just did. Lol Of course you know I snapped pics of it all. 

Dirty toddler alert!! Dirty Toddler Alert!! Don't judge. She had been playing outside all day and hadn't had her bath yet.

 Let's get it onnnn!

One....Two....Three... PIN!!!

Winner winner Chicken Dinner!

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