Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ohhhh Noooo You Didn't!!

That moment when you're in bed, Facebook chatting with a bestie, and you FEEL eyes just staring at you. You turn around, ready to swing on a ghost and instead, you see your sleeping hubster sitting up in bed... just staring at you. Just. Fucking. Staring.

  • Me: "What the hell are you doing you creep?!" 
  • Hubster: "Shut the fuck up.
  • "Me: "Oh hell no. Whaaaat??"
  • Hubster: "Shut the fuck up and sit back!!! He's on my tail. Gotta lose him!"  
He then lays back down, closes his eyes, and snores loudly.

Ummm... well alrighty then!

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