Sunday, November 20, 2016

That time I Met Otis Driftwood and Lived To Tell...

Ok... so I didn't really meet Otis.. I mean, he's only a character. But I did get to meet the gorgeous man that plays him. And the voice is the same. So that totally counts in my book.

My Derby Wife was awesome enough to get me out of the house for a spontaneous day trip to the Days of the Dead Convention for a photo opp with Alice freaking Cooper. Which was beyond awesome. But daaaamn, that shit is expensive. I certainly could never afford what they wanted for an autograph, whether you brought a pic with you to have it signed or bought one there.
While we were taking our pic with him, he read the shirt that Melicious was wearing and commented on it which made her giggle and say "Alice Cooper read my fucking t shirt!" throughout the whole rest of the time we were there. It was a pretty freaking awesome shirt.

So anyways, I was excited to have met Alice Cooper but was a bit bummed that we missed the table with Bill Moseley and Sid Haig. Until Melicious and I are wandering through the shop section and I spotted those killer blue eyes from across the room. My heart definitely skipped a beat or two.  "Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh! Look! We gotta go that way! Now!!"

We made our way through the crowd and I got to chat for a minute and take a pic with the amazing and ever awesome Bill Moseley. Definitely a highlight of my LIFE. I could listen to that man talk forever!

It was one helluva great day and we are already looking forward to going next year.
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