Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fare Thee Well Summer...

     Well, it seems that Summer is starting to wind down. I realize that July is just barely over, but next week is school registration for the kiddies. Then, 2 weeks after that, school starts! Where on Earth did the time go?!? I'm just not ready for the new school year. Michael, who is already taller than me at almost 5'8", is going into 8th grade (Eighth!!) and Lucy is in 3rd grade. It seems that my babies just aren't babies anymore. Well, except for the actual baby. ;)

     This is the first year for our family where we have kiddies playing sports. Michael is playing football, and Lucy is playing soccer. And two days out of the week practice falls on the same days, at the same times. We don't get home until late, and we eat dinner even later. Which isn't really all that bad during Summer. That just cannot happen during the school year, though. I have a feeling that the crock pot is going to become my best friend again, and soon.

     Also, this is the first school year in a very long time where we have a baby in the house. *smile* That throws me for a loop a lot of days on its own. lol Too many times Josie needs something right in the middle of a very "hands on" part of cooking dinner. (Isn't that usually the case?) Needless to say, this school year schedule is going to need A LOT of tweaking. Who am I kidding, we never had an actual schedule. How much you wanna bet that we're going to have one this year? ;)

     And of course I'm just not ready for the back to school wallet crunch. The registration fees, the never ending school supply list and the clothes, shoes, and accessories... Uggghhh. I swear it snuck up on us this year, and now we're going to have to scramble. But we'll manage. Somehow, some way, we always do, God bless this family. lol

My baby with the ball. I LOVE the sheer JOY on her face as she plays!

That's my boy in teal and white blocking quite a big guy

My Baby Bear. Getting SO big

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