Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cooking With a Baby In Hand... literally


      It's not always easy. So many times since Baby J has joined us, she needs tending to right when my hands are at their messiest from preparing dinner. I have learned to make my Greek Turkey burgers with one hand, while rocking a baby in the crook of my other arm. From start to finish. Adding ingredients, mixing them, shaping it into patties and cooking em up. It is by no means easy, but sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do, uh?

     Sometimes though, I just cannot do it one handed. Or the baby needs both hands. What's a mama to do then, you ask? Why, you call in the reinforcements, of course! We were going to have Ranch chicken for dinner and Josie was NOT about to cooperate. So, L jumped in and washed her hands to prep the chicken. M came down shortly after and wanted a piece of the action, too. There was no fighting. It was truly SUCH a beautiful moment, the two of them working side by side in the kitchen. You could see that they felt a sense of pride in the fact that they made the chicken, totally on their own from start to finish. And rightfully so, because it was delicious! I was quite proud of them, too. *smile*
dipping chicken in Ranch, then breadcrumb mixture

getting their hands dirty in the kitchen
Ranch Chicken. GREAT job kiddies!
This is me... NOT COOKING! *smile*

      L is also getting really good at making pancakes. I get such a kick out of how excited she still gets every time I let her pour the batter and flip them.

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