Thursday, August 30, 2012

Made With Love...

Baby Leg Warmers, Leg Warmers From Socks, Jack Skellington Leg Warmers     I may not be the most crafty person, and my sewing by hand skills are atrocious, which sucks since I do not own a sewing machine, but the little things that I am able to make, are always made with love. Like these baby leg warmers to keep J's knees from getting friction burns on them from creeping so much. (Her poor little toes got it bad last week.) Mr came home and said "I can't believe you sacrificed your favorite socks!" LOL That's just what us mama's do though, isn't it? *Smile*

     I just adore this pic, by the way. Her little toes sticking out from beneath the leg warmers. Siiiigh. This just melts my heart. I thought it looked so incredibly cute that, of course, I made her a matching headband from the scraps.
     I will say though, that made with love or not, my hands do not like sewing by hand anymore. Maybe one day, after bills are all paid and we have extra money (HAHAHAHA!!!) I'll invest in a sewing machine. Someday. ;)
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