Friday, February 4, 2011

The Blizzard of 2011....

Nothing makes me wanna bake some yummy shit like a lot of snow. I generally am NOT a fan of snow- but throw a blizzard in there, keeping me stuck in the house, and I'm STOKED! That was the situation here Tuesday through Wednesday afternoon. Seriously- we got around 20 inches of snow in a matter of about one day. Here are some pics.

Our Driveway about halfway through the blizzard.

Back of the house. Those windows are on the second floor.
THIS is my mom's van right outside our door. And it was STILL snowing.

L, walking in a winter wonderland. :)
M, face first on a pile of snow! LOL

L, sitting at our patio set.
This is our fence. So a good 6 feet of drift!


So, like i was saying... We got A LOT of snow. And I baked my ass off. LOL But I also thought it was important to take a baking break and get out there with the kiddies. I hadn't slept, so I was too tired to REALLY play, to be honest- but I was out there laughing, joking, throwing snow and taking pictures. Just enjoying my kiddies. They had SO much fun. This was the most snow either one of them had EVER seen at once and they were both floored and couldn't waaaait to get out there and play in it.

Sometimes it is TOO easy to get wrapped up in everything we are trying to do, and we tend to push our kiddies off. "I cant read right now, baby, I'm doing laundry." "No, I can't color right now, I'm cooking dinner." This was a wonderful chance for us to step back and reevaluate our priorities. Push the cleaning off. Let the kiddies stay up late for some more quality time, even if its just watching some TV together. Hell- there was DEF not going to be school the next day!  :)

So, in short- I want to thank the Blizzard of 2011 for forcing us to stop, take a cleansing breath and have some family time. I wish that would happen more often.
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