Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning 2012.

     Present Time! Present Time! Open the present and see what's inside! (Oh hell. I haven't watched Blue's Clues in 7 or 8 years. Whyyy do I still remember that song? Ohhh the humanity!) Here are just a few pics that I quite enjoyed from "Present Time."

     So, here is my M. He opened two presents that were CDs. Note: He did NOT own a CD player. I had him convinced that the CDs were so he could listen to them while we are driving in my van. STILL cannot believe he bought that load of crap. hehehe

"NOOO  WAAAAAY!" he exclaimed.  L's expression back there is just priceless, tho. lol

Looking like he just won a fucking gold medal or something. Lucy was excited for the Blank creatures she got. She is SO creative with that stuff. Just loves drawing and coloring and creating. She is SO my daughter.

 M insanely excited to now have a touch screen smart phone. He was convinced he wasn't getting one. But you know what? He took pretty damn good care of his "starter" phone for a year. I think he deserves it. Tho I suppose time will tell. lol L was just as excited for those damn Squinkie things.

 L freaked out. Nevermind the fact that she asked for an MP3 player. And that is exactly what that was. Nope."I THINK SANTA GOT ME A CELL PHOOOONE!!!" she screamed. Me: "No, sweetheart, Santa is not allowed to bring a 9 year old child a phone in my house. Sorry. But I think he brought you your MP3 player that you asked for."  Lucy: "OH. ok, cool."

Now for the kicker. Here is Baby J opening up one of her presents.

And here is her reaction to it. "Let me see if I've got this right... HE got a CD player and new cellphone. SHE got an mp3 player. And *I* got a fucking bumble ball? Bitch, please!" Lmao

 Ohhhhh, she just looks thrilled, doesn't she?


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