Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Back at 2012

    Looking back at 2012...

We welcomed the newest addition to our family, Baby J.


 L started soccer and LOVED it. She picked it up pretty quickly, too. Was a bit rough throwing sports for both kiddies into the day to day chaos of having a new baby in the house, but it was so worth it.
First day of soccer practice

Get that ball, baby!!

My God, my son is getting SO big
 M started football this year, as well. That was quite an experience. The majority of the other parents were VERY cliquey, which is just not my cup of tea. Nothing like going to your son's football game as a family and being stared at by the fellow team parents more than the game is being watched. I am glad that M got the experience though, as it REALLY helped bring him out of his shell. He made friends and even has a social life, now. And let me tell you, nowadays, that is some scary shit!
Michael's very first scrimmage game. His very first play, in fact.
My totally awesome kiddies stepped up and became two of the BEST helpers in the world after having Baby J. Helping with breakfast and dinner when my hands were full. Helping me with the baby. They are so much greater with the baby than I could have possibly dreamed they'd be.
Preparing dinner while I tended to J
Cooking up pancakes

Lazy Sunday Morning

 Erecting the Gingerbread House for Christmas. Lucy had SUCH a great time! She is so very creative. I think it's safe to say that she got the creative bug from me.

The kiddies and I goofing around
Lucy with her very first trophy! :)

Soaking up the sun
 We had some very freaky weather this year. This pic was from the end of October. It was gorgeous and sunny and warm. In october. I just sat outside and soaked up the warmth of the sun. Did I mention that this was the end of October? In a suburb outside of Chicago?!?

It's official. Michael has outgrown our Christmas Tree. He's 13. What... the... hell! I just cannot get over how big he is getting. He is already taller than me. And Mike. Hell, he wears a size 13 shoes. In MENS!

Hair in curlers for the party. No shame in my game

Yeah, this is why I don't dress up
Beauty is pain, my ass. Fuck these shoes!
We went to Mike's work's Christmas Party. While so very hard to leave Josie overnight for the first time ever, I had a pretty good time. Aside from having to dress up, of course. I do NOT dress up. Yuck.

Letting my hair down after the party
My hair went from mostly red with black to all blue black. I think it was the first time I changed my hair color in over a year. Let me tell you friends, that is rare! LOL

I took SO many gorgeous sky pics this year as well!

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