Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Well hello there!

Man... it's been a while, uh? It has been bugging me that I haven't been active on here for so long, but in the midst of everyday life with kiddies and sports, the general who ha of domesticated life, and working on improving my health, something just had to give.

It was especially difficult for me to focus on the getting healthy part while baking and cooking  terribly delicious but not so good for you stuff. So I stopped. Since the last week of May 2012, I have lost just a few lbs shy of 100 lbs. No gimmicks or tricks, just hard work and dedication. I still have about another 90 to go, to get to where I'd like to be, but I KNOW that I will get there.

Meanwhile, I look forward to getting back  into the swing of things on here. It was so therapeutic to be able to come here and write. How I have missed it. While I will still post yummy goodies, the focus will be on more healthy recipes that are still delicious. And my family. Always my family. ♥

Here's a little before pic/ current pic to show what I've been up to. ;) 

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