Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Would YOU let this man near your ear with these tools?

I didn't have much choice.

I had an earring STUCK in my ear. I tried for 2 days to get the back off and couldn't get it. I think the cheapie earring back somehow rusted on. WTH?? Don't ask me how, because
I have no clue! Lol (Note to self, no more cheapie earrings. You getwhat you pay for) But, I have an appointment with the dentist for X-rays tomorrow, so it HAD to come out. What to do, what to dooooo?

I went to my big strong hubby, that's what I did. He tried pulling the back off with his bare hands but that didn't work. (I toooold him. Lol) He tried attacking it with pliers but that didn't work either. Sooo, he had to CUT the earring out with wire cutters.

Talk about a SCARY "for the love of God PLEASE DON'T CUT MY EAR" moment. Feeling that cold metal of the wire cutters against my ear was terrifying. I chickened out and said "oooh, noooo. wait wait wait wait waaaait. Hold on. Not yet!" twice before I sucked it up, pulled up my big girl panties, held my breath, and let him go for it. Finally, SUCCESS!

Thaaaank yoooou for getting that stubborn earring out without hacking my ear off.  (hmmm... I wonder how many brownie points such a task is worth?) Lol I love you, babe.
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