Saturday, August 9, 2014


Some days just seem especially long and trying. I don't know about you, but for me, those days usually go something like this: my teenage son won't stop arguing with me, the my teen son and my 10 year old daughter won't stop fighting, my toddler has been nonstop shrieking because... well.. because she can, one of the dogs puked and two of the other dogs are fighting over who gets to eat said puke, my house is destroyed... Ohhhh, it's also 5:00 pm and I haven't figured dinner out yet.

*insert SCREEEEEEAM here*

These are the days I like to grab my 10 year old,  find a quiet spot, and take just a few minutes to meditate. It really helps re-ground and center me. I also love that you can do this anywhere. Which means that after that long day, when I'm sitting at soccer practice, I can totally chill in my truck for a bit and sneak in a little meditation, too. Mommy gets calmer and believe me, that makes everybody happier.
Do you meditate? Pop on over to my Facebook page and tell me your favorite method(s)!

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