Tuesday, September 22, 2015

100 Happy Days...

I've decided to participate in the 100 happy days challenge. Most often we are FAR more blessed than we realize. It can be hard to see the positives amidst the day to day grind that is life. I'm guilty of this far more often than I'd like to admit. Soooo, I'm breaking that cycle. So for the next 100 days, you're stuck seeing a post a day about something that makes me happy.

Day 1: Roller Derby makes me happy. (and less stressed. and proud. and more confident. and.. and.. I could go on forever.) I truly believe that roller derby saved my soul. Probably my sanity, too. It has certainly done amazing things for my low self esteem. My team is such an amazing group of strong supportive women lifting each other up and encouraging one another. Add to that, that I get to push myself and test my limits on a constant basis. I get to defy what my body and mind say that I can't do.I get to learn new things every single practice- both about derby and about myself. I'm so beyond happy that I finally took the plunge and joined last year. #100happydays

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