Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Who Are You?

I don't know about you, but sometimes I tend to get a bit too down on myself. I start seeing all the negatives about myself rather than the positives. I start focusing on the countless things that I didn't get done during the day rather than feeling good about all that I did do.

This can really take it's toll on you! Do we really need to put more stress on ourselves? Society tries hard enough to make us feel bad about ourselves. Why do this to ourselves? So every so often, when I find myself doing just that, I stop and declare five positive things that describe me. Or 5 positive things that I love about myself. If I'm feeling a little creative, or need more of a visual, I'll turn it into a picture and make it my cell phone's home screen for a while.

Sometimes, if I'm being particularly negative and down on myself or my body I will turn the negatives into positives. For instance, I may be thinking:
  • "My legs are so huge." Nope!! Turn that trash around and turn it into "My legs are STRONG. They carry me throughout my day and never give out on me." 
  • "UGH!! My belly is so fat." Nooo. Turn that into "My belly housed three beautiful lives that grew inside of me. My belly has made a very comfy pillow for my beautiful babies."
  • "Sheesh! Look at these flabby arms!" Know where I'm going with this one? "My arms have rocked my beautiful babies to sleep. They have snuggled them as they so sweetly slumbered. They have helped pick my kiddies up after a fall and hugged them tightly while I showered them with kisses. They have hugged friends or family that were feeling down. My arms ROCK!!!"

Positivity really is a state of mind. And when you embrace positivity and project it out into the universe, even more positivity comes back your way. Changing the way I think has changed the way I see things. And changing the way I see things has totally changed my life. Try it and see if you don't feel sooo much better!

Love and Light!

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