Thursday, September 24, 2015

100 Happy Days..

Day 3: My Lucy makes me happy. She is such an old soul. I've never known SUCH a genuinely kind spirit with so much compassion and sweetness, let alone from a girl her age. She truly sees the good in everyone no matter how terribly someone treats her. She's always willing to help someone even if she's tired or sick. She loves everyone for exactly who they are rather than what they can do for her. At almost 12, she still loves to snuggle with me and when we go out in public she voluntarily and unashamedly holds my hand and gives me hugs and kisses. Truth be told,  I was always scared to have a daughter because I was the furthest thing from girly and didn't think I'd know what to do with one. But when she came along, she softened my heart. And dare I say that SHE teaches ME more than I teach her. She makes me see the world in a completely different way. She is going to do BIG things in this world. Just you watch. #100happydays
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