Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Whole30 Day 23... Uggghhhhh

Day 23 of my Whole30 Adventure and Day 2 of feeling like complete and utter dog crap.

I couldn't even THINK about making dinner for everyone last night, nor making everyone's lunches for today. So I sent my son with money for school lunch, left the hubster on his own (thinking he'd buy lunch) and got up this morning still very queasy to make a compliant lunch for my daughter.

Spent 90% of the day laying on the couch half ass interacting with my 3 year old. Poor kiddo. I hate not being able to give all of me. But she was such a trooper with her little Doc McStuffins Dr Bag. "Mommy, I make you all better?" Awwwww...

The Hubster came home from work and informed me that he didn't buy his lunch today. Instead, he made himself a healthy lunch before work! Shut! Up! He also informed me that when I'm done with my Whole30, he doesn't want his lunches to go back to the way they were. He wants to keep taking the healthier lunches. Whaaaaat?!? That is HUUUGE! He said he feels so much better throughout the day with what I've been packing him. He's not as tired. He's not going crazy with hunger halfway through the day. That right there is a miracle.

I tried to eat today, because I'm soooo damn hungry, but also because I know that my body NEEDS nutrients. All I managed to get down was 2 sips of chicken broth (then ran my ass to the bathroom), natural applesauce which I thankfully kept down, and some scrambled eggs and apple. Those aren't sitting well. I can feel them rebelling in my stomach.

I'm off to bed now to hopefully sleep the rest of this bug away.

Onto Day 24!!

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