Thursday, January 5, 2012

We Could All Drop The Weight Too If We Had Your Resources!

     OK, This may get a bit ranty, in which case, I apologize. Wait, no... This is my little space, no apologies for the thoughts that pop into my head. Well, maybe some of them, just not this one. So it seems that two MORE celebrities are now promoting weight loss programs: Mariah Carey for Jenny Craig and Janet Jackson for Nutrisystem. Ya know what? It... PISSES... ME... OFF. Now, I'm not saying that because you are famous you shouldn't be allowed to use programs like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem. By all means go ahead! Do what you gotta do. What I AM saying, is that it should be done quietly and NOT USED to promote these damn programs that everyday people shell out their hard earned money for expecting it to work because it worked for- GASP! a celebrity!-and most will just not see the results. ("results not typical" flashes on every single commercial, whether the person lost 20lbs or 100lbs. How reassuring!) It's not a product like make-up or hair dye... It's more serious than that, ya know?

     I mean, really, awesome job there Mariah, you lost 30lbs on Jenny Craig. Whew! 30lbs, really? How much money did you shell out for it? Or did the company pay you to give it a go and endorse their shit? How many hours did you spend with your very own personal trainer? Now, lets take away all of your money and your personal trainer AND give you 100-150lbs to lose and try this all again. THEN go ahead and celebrate. And Janet Jackson? Really? We've seen you drop a BUNCH of weight before, so we already KNOW you can do it. And you expect me to buy into Nutrisystem because that's the latest and greatest you've used?

      Let me just say, I personally have done Nutrisystem before. The price-tag is astronomical and the food? Well, at least in MY opinion, the food just plain SUCKS. Yeeeeeah, let me jump at the chance to shell out HUNDREDS of dollars on a ONE month supply of food (for just me, I'll still have to prepare separate meals for my family) that tastes like fucking cardboard and doesn't even fill me up because it worked for Janet Jackson. *jumps around all giddy like* Oooooh can I, can I, can I???

     *Climbs up on giant soapbox* Weight Loss Programs need to get more "real" people to promote the programs. Real people who have more than 15 lbs to lose, who DON'T have tons of money to shell out, who DON'T have personal trainers making house visits or belonging to insanely expensive and exclusive gyms, people who have normal everyday stresses like work (not making music videos or sitting on a set on location having people tend to your every need) and kids, and family meals to cook and dishes overflowing out of the sink and onto the counter and husbands that cant seem to find the fucking remote that is RIGHT in front of their faces and kids that want to be 10 feet up your ass when you FINALLY have the (rare) spark of motivation to get off your ass and actually work out!!! It's not like my hubby is going to watch them, not now that he has the remote.

*Falls off giant soapbox* Exhale... I really just had to get that off my chest. I feel better now. That is all.
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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I think most of these celebs are full of shite and while they might use the diets, I'm pretty sure they're doing other things to lose the weight... hint...hint.... ;)

    A few months after I had Avery, I tried Nutrisystem. Talk about nasty. Ick!

  2. Oh, I'm SURE! lol And right? Glad to know it wasn't just me that really didn't care for the food. Definitely not how *I* want to throw away several hundo!


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