Monday, January 2, 2012

Out With The Old, In With The New! Happy New Year!!

      Happy 2012, people! While I'm not really one to make New Year resolutions per say (because inevitably I WILL break them. Every last one of them.) I am all for trying to improve my life. That is what I am going to focus on this year: Simplifying my life. (WOW, whatever show this is that my daughter is watching right now is driving me bat shit crazy!! Can I simplify by throwing the damn TV out the window? Think my hubby would mind?)

     *Refocusing*  We have entirely too much stuff and entirely too little room to put it all in. We have crap everywhere and it is seriously teetering on the brink of being ridiculous. (Thankfully it hasn't gotten near Hoarder proportions, but sometimes I watch those shows and think to myself, "they had to start somewhere, ya know?") The house REALLY isn't bad, I mean, the kitchen is cluttered (If you saw our kitchen, you'd understand. Next to no counter or cabinet space. UGH! I smell a remodel coming in the next couple years) but the rest of the house is pretty decent. Now the laundry room? The laundry room is awful. Bags of laundry that are screaming to be either sorted out and washed or put away or donated, shelves that are crammed full of... well... random crap. I have spent countless hours cleaning down there, only to have it trashed again within a week or two. Why? Again, too much stuff. I really need to work on getting it organized once and for all. I'm just not entirely sure where to start. I really need some kind of system. Maybe some new shelves... I don't know. Too bad I'm broke.

     I think I am going to dedicate these next few weeks to getting things in order. Getting rid of our excess and organizing what's left. If I'm REALLY brave, maybe I'll even take (and post) before and after pictures. We'll see...

How could you simplify your life?  What would be the first to go? What could you NOT get rid of?
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