Saturday, October 27, 2012

Come On Baby, Light My Fire...

      Ok, so Mr and I were outside having a smoke and I was playing with a lighter in my pocket and started giggling.
  • Mr:"What the hell is so funny?" 
  • Me: "Trust me, you DON'T wanna know."
  • Mr: "Really, come on, what?"
  •  Me: "Welllll, I was playing with this lighter and was looking at your hair. *giggle giggle*
  • Mr: *Steps faaar away from me* "WTF?? Are you serious right now?"
  • Me: "Hey!! Look, I SAID that I THOUGHT about it! NOT that I'd DO it!!" 
  • Mr: "Why the fuck did you think it??"
  • Me: "I don't know where my thoughts come from! They just happen!! FUCK!!"

      AHAHAHAHA! :)
And wife of the year goes to... *drum roll pleeeeease?* ME!! Ohhhh man. Tho I'm sure Mr would disagree. ;)
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