Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The year that flew by...

Wasn't it just yesterday that we were ringing in 2013?? No? It sure feels like that to me. This year, my oldest kiddo started High School, my middle daughter turned 10 (TEN?!? *Sobs into pillow*) and my youngest turned 1 year old! I promise you, I only blinked! Siiiigh.

This has been such a busy year, full of football, and soccer, and school functions, overseeing homework, trying (sometimes not so successfully) to keep the house running smooth, team leading a monthly weight loss challenge... Sometimes it truly felt like we were constantly on the go go GO. We had our downs, fights with the teenager, fights between the hubby and myself, being broke more times than we can count, dealing with a few extra nasty bouts of depression, getting sued the week before Christmas over a medical bill that we never received!! That one was the icing on the cake. Having to scrimp and scrounge and beg and borrow to pay a bill right before Christmas when you haven't bought a single present yet. That my friends SUCKED.

But we have also had many many ups. Watching my youngest daughter J take her first steps, chasing said daughter around the house just a few days after that (because once she realized she could go, she went) watching my son M play High School football and then wrestling (and daaaayum he is good!) as well as becoming a more responsible kid, watching my middle daughter L play soccer, and actually throwing a (small) bday party for L where she could actually have friends over! That was the highlight of her year, I think. Being so close to Christmas, she always seems to get the short end of the stick. I have continued losing weight (tho have recently stalled something awful) but I am continuing to eat sooo much better than I had been the year before.

Some of our ups captured on pic:

L, ready for her Choir Concert

M, winning his very first wrestling match.

Enjoying lots of silly play time with baby J

Mr and I got dolled up for his company Christmas Party: (ok, this was pre-dolled up in the parking lot at the hotel. We hadn't put on our formal outfits yet)
Ohhhh yeeeah, and I fit my ass into a pair of size XL pajamas! That had coffee cups all over them. Can you say perfect? LOL

Things really haven't been that bad. And if I think about it, there really has been more good than bad this year, which seems rare lately. I am looking forward to 2014 and all of the things it brings. While I'm not doing resolutions per say, I plan on focusing more on life. Spending more quality time with my family, reclaiming my house from all this clutter, continuing to live a healthier more active life in general. This WILL be my healthiest year ever.  There are great things in store. believe that! Keep looking ahead and just you watch!

We wish for you nothing but the best of luck, the sweetest of love, and the greatest of friends in this coming year.

Sending you all lots of love and light!

So, what are your hopes for 2014?
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