Sunday, September 21, 2014

Adventures In Roller Derby

Psssst... Can I tell you a secret?

Come closer...

A little closer...

For as long as I can remember, I've loved roller derby. In fact, like many others, I loved it so much that I wanted to be a roller derby girl myself. *insert sad violin music here* Sadly, I never knew there were local teams. And by the time I found some that were fairly local, I had already had kiddies, was quite a bit older, and was overweight. *ok, you can stop the music now*

Last year, I found a very local team and was SO excited. I was determined that I was going to join. But there was a little voice inside my head. You know that voice, the one that tells you that you can't do something. That you won't be good enough. The one that plays out all the what if's in your head trying to discourage you? Yup, That's the one. It kept telling me that now was not the time. I needed to lose weight first. So I didn't do it.

But recently, I was in contact with one of the awesome broads from the team and she asked if I was still interested in joining.. HELL YES, I AM!! But once again, that stupid little voice started in on me again. But this time, I ignored it. I just knew if I kept waiting til I lost the weight, it would never happen. And hell, this could be an amazing form of exercise to help with losing the weight, too. So, I checked out a practice and just knew that this was for me.

 Tonight was my very first practice. Mind you, I have not been on skates in a good 17 years, and never as a... ummm... big girl. I was terrified. Not of falling, but of failing. Of not being able to do this. But I laced up and got out there anyways. I was super slow (seriously, so slow that in the entire practice I only completed 2 whole laps, while hugging the wall.) I stumbled A LOT, but only fell once. It was a pretty awesome fall, tho. My feet flew out from under me and up up up they went, and down down down I went. I basically belly flopped but on my back. And that was the one fall I was most terrified of taking. But as soon as I fell, I was so relieved to get it out of the way that I burst into laughter before exclaiming "Now how the hell do I get back up?!?"  I got back up and went again.

getting started in roller derby

And with that, Syd Vicious, #10, of the Vindicated Vixens was born.

This is definitely going to take a lot of time, a lot of patience, and a lot of determination, but I will do this! And I'll be writing about my progress along the way. Here goes nothing!

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