Friday, September 5, 2014

Confessions Of A Stay At Home Mama #3

Even tho I am a stay at home mama and housewife, I STILL don't get everything done.

It seems to be a common misconception that just because you stay at home, that means that your house should always be immaculate. But mine isn't. And as long as I have kids in the house, it probably never will be. Now, I have friends who are able to pull this off, and seriously, my hat goes off to them. But I've never been able to pull that off. Such is life. And I'm OK with that.

The dishes piled up in my sink are a reminder that my husband and kiddies and I have nice full bellies. The ever growing piles of laundry are evidence that we are far more blessed than we probably even realize. The toys scattered all over the floor are evidence that FUN was had. These messes are evidence that we don't just STAY here, we LIVE here. We laugh here. We cry here. And we make messes here.

Since I'm being so honest here, I will say that sometimes I struggle with the mess.  Not so much the mess, more so the fact that everyone just assumes it's my job to clean it all up. Cuz ya know, I'm mom and that makes me the Keeper of Messes. It's not fair! Woe is me!! NOT! It's so easy to get a grumpy attitude because it's all left for me to do, but ya know what? Each mundane task is an opportunity to BLESS my family. Each meal I cook, serve, and clean up... Each load of laundry that I wash, dry, fold, and put away.... these are all labors of LOVE. And nothing says I love you like having a drawer full of clean underoos. You can take that to the bank.

And while I may still grumble sometimes because I'm tired or sick and the house is trashed and the cleaning fairies have long since deserted me, I still catch myself smiling. I smile because these tasks are just one of the many ways of expressing my love and gratitude for all that I have. For all I have been blessed with. And I truly am thankful.

So keep those dishes coming.

Wait, can we at least get a dishwasher first, tho?

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