Friday, February 17, 2017

Low Carb Pizza

I'm a sucker for a pizza. I don't care what toppings, deep dish or thin crust. Bring me a delicious pizza and I'm a happy camper.
Rewind 5 years... when I was pregnant with my youngest kiddo, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Because of that,  I had to really watch my carb intake. No pizza?? I was crushed! Then I discovered tortilla pizzas. It fit my needs perfectly at the time. (And dude, it was so freaking yummy!)

Fast forward to today. I'm not diabetic, but I have discovered that my body has issues with carbs. (What the hell, body?! You couldn't have issues with something I don't love and cherish?!) So I dug into researching the low carb lifestyle. I'm in love with it. But... this broad still needs her pizza!! What to do... what to do?!

I've tried quite a few low carb pizza crust recipes and, well, they just don't suit my taste!! Most cauliflower crusts I've tried are just soggy and fall apart. Yeeeeah, nice try, but that's not pizza, man. It has to come as close to the real thing as possible or else I'm going into stubborn 3 year old mode and I'm... not... eating... that.

But this one? Let me just tell you.. this one is the closest I have come to regular pizza without all the carbs. And it's damn delicious.  If you are anything like me, you very well may look at your "dough" halfway through mixing it and think "man, I screwed up... No way is this going to work.."

But don't give up. Just keep going. It will totally pull itself together as it bakes and you will be that much closer to low carb pizza Heaven.

Check out the recipe HERE. Seriously. Go!! I'll still be here!

Obviously nutritional info will vary based on what toppings you choose. I made mine with mozzarella, spinach, feta, 
and a little pico de gallo on top. 

The nutritional info for my pizza based on my toppings (the whole thing) was: 
calories: 616
fat: 40 g
protein: 53.9 g
net carbs: 10.4 g

Seriously, I cannot recommend this recipe enough. Both my mom and I couldn't get over how amazingly delicious this was. (And ummm have I mentioned that I'm not a fan of cauliflower unless it's  like cauliflower rice and super crazy flavored up? Yeah.) If you have ever tried a cauliflower crust recipe and been terribly let down, run- don't walk- run to your kitchen and make this. 

Then come on back here to the comment section and tell me what you think!! 

...Why are you still here? Go make this stuff! Go on!!
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