Thursday, March 2, 2017

30 Day Decluttering Challenge

I always feel like I'm constantly cleaning yet it never looks like I cleaned a damn thing. And of course shortly after cleaning, everything gets trashed again SO quickly. Please tell me that I'm not alone?!?

After some serious thought, I realized that I simply had too much stuff. And that rather than owning this stuff, this stuff was starting to own me. How crazy is that?! No matter how much I "organized" it, constant clutter was making me anxious and sapping my energy. See, I form emotional attachments to stuff and struggle to part with them. I have (had!) cards from my 8th grade graduation. Birthday cards from 10 years ago. Knick knacks from my first baby shower. Purses from high school. Clothes that don't fit but I couldn't bear to part with because as I'm losing weight, I might fit back into one day. (Ummm hello- when I hit my goal, I'm buying new clothes. Lol) TONS of random shit I wanted to keep "just because".

But none of this stuff had a purpose for me anymore. So a couple months ago, I sat down late one night and I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Some of the stuff in her book was a bit... out there for me. (Talking to your belongings?) But the rest really sparked something in me and I immediately started the process of eliminating as much as possible. I thanked the stuff for being a blessing to me at some point in time and then I let it go. Some stuff went straight to the trash but other stuff is going to bless other families.

That day alone, I freed myself of EIGHTEEN big ass bags of stuff. Some stuff I never thought I could part with. But I did it and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I couldn't wait to do more, tho garbage day being only once a week limited what I could do and when I could do it.

I've had a lot going on for the past couple months and so decluttering took a bit of a backseat lately. But I'm SO ready to start moving forward again. I swear, my house is screaming at me to do it. And I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this need, so I'm kicking off a 30 Day Decluttering Challenge on Facebook. Are you looking to simplify your home and life? Need a little extra support and encouragement ? Well what are you waiting for? This is your sign!! Join me and take back control of your life!

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  1. im in sis...ive been trying for years to declutter lol

    1. Yaaaay!!! Me too. Nothing ever stuck til now. Lol DO you want me to add you to the challenge group on Facebook? Or do you just want to follow along? ❤


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