Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Messy Beautiful Motherhood

This pic right here sums up my life as a mom. Do you know what it says? 
It says that my life isn't perfect. Far from perfect, actually.
This is my youngest daughter, proudly sporting her crooked new haircut which was done by mommy after she got SUCH a gnarly knot in her hair that cutting it was our only option.

See all the crap piled up on the counter (and on the floor) behind her? I'm in the process of decluttering the house, but messes still happen.
So yeah, excuse the mess but... 
We LIVE here.

We LAUGH here.
We LOVE here. 
While I do share lots of our great moments, 

like my oldest kiddo dominating at his wrestling meets,
Or my middle kiddle winning spelling bees 
for her school and her district
  or rocking Tae Kwon Do,
And (rare) sweet moments with my hubster and I...
Don't let all that stuff fool you!
You won't see perfect here. 
What you WILL see is perfectly imperfect.

My ducks aren't all in a row and 
the 'eggs in my basket' often get broken.

Sometimes, in the wee hours of the morning, I'll wake up to my four year old snuggled sweetly next to me, playing with my hair. And other times I'll wake up to that same four year old snuggled up next to me, her nose pressed to my nose, and she'll smile at me and say "mommy- did you brush your teeth? Cuz your breath smells like shit." *facepalm*

Sometimes I trip over the obstacle course of Legos, barbies, and stuffed animals that have been left on my bedroom floor as I shuffle my way through the dark to collapse into bed. Why? Cuz I was too tired to clean it up.

Sometimes my teenage son and I get into screaming matches over stupid things that really don't matter all that much. (I'm still learning to pick my battles.)

Sometimes I let my youngest kiddo sack out in front of the TV so that I can get some cleaning done. (And sometimes it's just so I can have a few quiet moments to gather my thoughts.)

Sometimes I get grumpy as hell over always having to do everything for everyone and be everything to everyone.

Sometimes I go to cook dinner and realize that I have not a single clean pot or pan to cook in nor a single fork to eat with. So I have to wash dishes before I can even start cooking.

Sometimes my four year old eats Ramen noodles for dinner 4 nights in a row because that's all she will eat.

Sometimes my youngest rips huge holes in her pants (on purpose) and has crazy hair. And I let her stay like that for the day. (Not leaving the house like that, tho! I'm not totally crazy.)
The only reason we don't constantly have crumbs on our floor isn't because I always sweep them up- it's because we have dogs that eat them.

Sometimes I fall so behind on laundry that my poor hubster has to tell me "I really need clean socks, babe. Can you please do my laundry?"

Sometimes I'm too tired to make everyone's lunches for the next day, so I send them all with lunch money instead.
Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and just plain lose my shit.

So you see, my house isn't always clean, our hair isn't always done up nicely, some days we get a little extra dirty and still skip bath time, some nights we read bedtime stories and some nights we don't, some nights we eat not-so-good-for-us-food, there are times when we fight, and times when we fight worse than other times... but we always have each other's back.

This is messy beautiful motherhood, and despite not being perfect, there is NO shortage of love here. And THAT, my friends, is what truly counts.
Are YOU a perfectly imperfect mama? Shout it out below!! Let's show all the mamas out there that they aren't alone!

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