Saturday, March 18, 2017

I Need Another Me...

Sometimes, I really wish there were two of me. 

One to tend to the kiddos and keep them happily occupied while the other would get done all that needs to get done. I could do either job, it really doesn't matter to me..

Hmmm.. better yet, maybe three of me! That way I could kick back and relax while supervising the other two doing all the work. To think, I'd never have to do laundry, cook meals with kiddies clinging to my leg, I could take a freaking pee in peace and quiet!!! Yes, I think three of me would definitely be better!

But let's be real here: these would be clones of ME. And I know me. So I kinda feel like the other two of me would probably slack off and throw a huge party that I wouldn't be invited to but I'd damn sure have to clean up.  

Hmmm... maybe this wouldn't be such a good thing after all. 

That's ok, tho... I really truly don't mind doing laundry because it means that we are blessed with clothes to wear. I don't mind cooking because it means that we are blessed with food to fill our bellies. While I may get tired and worn out, and sometimes I feel like I have a million more things to do yet I have nothing left to give, I wouldn't trade my job as a mommy and wife for anything! Sometimes I just need to take a few steps back, regroup, and go back at it good as new. 

But I really would like to pee in peace. I've tried telling the kids that if they ask me for something while I'm in the bathroom the answer will be an automatic "no"... but well, that never ends well..

 I'm outnumbered here. Send help! And maybe a bottle of wine...

No... a shot of Jack, please...

Better make it a double. 
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