Monday, March 20, 2017

Life's A Bitch...

At the grocery store just now, I got stuck in line next to an extraordinarily snooty couple. That's not me pre-judging them, btw, that's what I learned of them after standing next to them for 30 seconds. Cuz they made it very clear that that's who they are. Not even a full minute after stepping into line, I'm already aware of it.. I can feel it before I actually see it:

 Enter obnoxious giggles, whispers, and dirty looks from said couple, directed my way. (Dude, for real, what are you, 13 years old?!)

I just kept right on smiling, cuz well, mother fucker you're NOT gonna dull MY shine! 

So as I'm leaving and walking through the parking lot, this little old lady walks by me. She stops me and exclaims "Oh honey!! Your hair should be green, not blue and purple and pink!" I just laughed and said "trust me, I'm Irish enough without that." She cracked up and said "me too! And ya know what? You just have fun and do whatever the hell you want to do. It's YOUR life!!" I told her "you are so right. And life is too short not to, right?" 

And SHE replies...

 "OH HONEY- life is a bitch and then you die!!! *giggles* Do you and enjoy every minute of it!" 

She hugged me twice and we both parted ways giggling and with smiles on our faces. That woman MADE MY DAY.
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