Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fuck Ups Happen....

This whole blog thing has really had me taking an acid trip down memory lane. It has brought back soooo many memories, good AND bad. I figured that for this specific post- I would focus on mistakes. Why? Cuz hey, fucks up, happen, right?

I have had SEVERAL kitchen screw ups throughout the years. Some more memorable than others. Like for instance there was the time (ohhhh about 7 years ago) that i wanted to make my dad a birthday cake but wanted it to be "super special." So i started with a package of carrot cake mix. That didn't seem like it was going to be enough batter for my cake, so i added a small pouch of this strawberry muffin mix i had found. I remember thinking "oooh I'll bet this'll be awesome!" So i added flax seed for the health factor (not realizing i needed to grind it first) and baked it up. THEN add insult to injury, i added some pureed strawberries to the vanilla canned frosting. (which wouldn't have been bad- but SOOOO not with that cake) I brought the cake to my parents' house and told them what i did. My mom looked horrified! LMAO i reassured her "no, it's going to be good!" OK, time to dig in... It was NOT good. It wasn't terrible, but the flavors just did NOT go well together for this specific cake. My dad and brother cracked jokes mercilessly. (not being mean- in my family we tend to have an EXTREMELY fucked sense of humor.) I cried. Like bawled... straight up snot cried i was so disappointed and upset.

Fuck ups aren't always bad, tho. I ran out of vanilla while making fudge for Christmas one year. So i used all i had. Almond extract. It was phenomenal! I got SOOOOO many compliments on it. (the only person that DIDN'T like it was my mom- but she doesn't like almond extract in ANYTHING) It was a total hit! That fudge is now aptly named "Fucked Up Fudge." Hey, it works.

What have i learned from my personal kitchen fuck ups?
  • One: That's life. You HAVE to make mistakes in life. They serve a purpose and that purpose is to make you stronger and wiser. Live and learn.
  • Two: It's trial and error, man. How the hell will you ever know what will or will not work unless you get off of your ass, take a chance and TRY.
  • Three: Stop taking yourself SO damn seriously. I know i, for one, have been guilty of that one many times over! You have to have everything perfect, do everything perfect and you cant screw ANYTHING up. And we tend to be MUCH harder on ourselves than anyone else will be. Lighten up, man. It's usually NOT as serious as you think it is.
  • Four: Sometimes the best things in life happen by mistake. Seriously- my fudge is one of the best things in life. No- it really is. lol
I guess what I'm getting at is this...
        Fuck ups are GOING to happen.
           So Loosen up and live life.
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