Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ready Or Not.... Here I Come!

In the last couple of weeks, I have had several people tell me that i should start a blog on all the baking i do... I went back and forth on this idea for a few reasons... The main three being: Would anyone really even want any of my recipes? What in the hell could i possibly have to say? Who the HELL would want to read it? Thinking about it tho, I have been asked for my recipes quite often... Also, Ive come to realize that I usually DO have quite a bit to say- and do i really care if anyone wants to read it? LMAO

See, I'm going to do this... but i am going to do this for ME. Maybe this will help me better keep my recipes together. Or maybe this will give me someplace to vent thus helping me retain the small bit of sanity that i have left. But hey- you might get some decent recipes out of it, too. So really, it's a win-win, no? Soooooo.... here goes nothing.

On a side note: I do NOT claim to be a good writer... i cannot promise you that you will always like what you read, nor can i promise that spelling and punctuation will always be right. If that is a problem for you- im sure there are many other blogs that would better suit you. So take this blog for what it is- my recipes with a heaping side of rambling along with updates on my family and whatever else happens to pop into my head- with possible misspelled words, lacking proper punctuation and all... Or dont take it at all!
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