Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Battling the Toads....

     "RYAAAAAAAN AAAAAAANN!!!" That would be my mom screaming my name from outside at around 5:15 am. That is also how I have been woken up several mornings now. LOL Apparently, we have a toad problem. A big toad problem.

     We have lived in this house for almost 3 years now and in all that time, we have seen MAYBE 2 toads. For some reason though, the last month we have been seeing toads almost everyday! Big toads, little toads, skinny toads, fat toads, we've seen em all. This really wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for a few reasons.
  1. My mom is deathly afraid of toads. She does not like them one bit.
  2. They're not very good for dogs.
  3. We HAVE dogs.
  4. Our dogs REEEALLY want to try and eat the toads.
     So, yes, I have been woken up like that many times now and stumbled down the stairs in a sleep induced fog to get rid of the offender for my mom. And every time that I sleepily toss a toad over the fence (VERY gently, I do not do it hard, just enough so that it lands in the grass and not on the sidewalk) I can't help but giggle as it's arms and legs spread and it looks like the WB frog dancing.

     Other than filling in gaps along the fence with 12 bags of rocks (which I'm NOT looking forward to doing- LOL- I'm really not sure what to do to keep these little buggers out of our yard, so for now, the battle wages on...

     Suggestions, anyone?
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