Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Running With The Fireflies

     Notice that I did not say "catching fireflies?" I remember how much fun I had catching fireflies when I was a kid. It was a beautiful night, albeit pretty muggy, but there was a really nice cool breeze flowing, so I figured, "hey, lets round up the kiddies and catch us some fireflies!" Great idea!

     Wrong. In about two hours, we caught seven fireflies. Five of which I, myself, caught. M didn't catch any and lost interest after about an hour. L caught two... Well, on the last one she ran to the jar, opened her hands all excited and noticed it had escaped. She was soooo NOT happy.(See last pic lol)

     Now, that's the reason I said running with the fireflies, since most of those two hours was spent running back and forth chasing the little buggers. (I didn't remember that part from when I was younger. Oops! LOL) It went something like this:

"LOOK! There's one over there!" *run run run*

"Nooo!!! Wait! Over there!!" *run run run*

*Hmmm... I think I'll pretend I caught one so that L gets mad.*

"Oh wow! There's a BUNCH over that way! Let's go!" *more run run run*

"I'm just going to wait! La La La La La..."

 "Oooooh! There's one!" *sloooowly*

"HA! I got you now!"

"Mommyyyy! Loooook! I got it!" HUH?? "But...But...I caught it, I know I did!"
      I will say, it was a fun time, but definitely tiring for only seven fireflies. I really need to find someplace not too far that has a whole bunch of em. The kiddies don't believe me that places like that exist! LOL I'll show them. One day, I will...

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  1. Before we moved to N. California last summer, we lived on the east coast and the area we were in had fireflies. I hadn't seen them anywhere for years so I would get so freaking excited and run across the streetso I could chase them in the field.

    The downside was the "field" was where people in the neighborhood could take there dogs to do their business and they didn't always pick it up so I would run around chasing fireflies in the pitch dark where there was possible dog crap. It was worth it though because I felt like a little kid and it gave me warm fuzzies. ;)

  2. I've seen a couple fire flies in our yard this summer. This post makes me excited for when my little girl is big enough to chase them! :-)

  3. Elle- That sounds soooo awesome!(minus the dog crap, of course!) Now I want to go run through a field of fireflies. :D

    Suze- It really is neat to see the excitement on the kiddies' faces when they actually catch one. :)


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