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Behind The "Scenes"

I thought I would do a Behind the Scenes kind of post. You know, like a day in the life of, because well, I'm just super lame like that. Here goes nothing.

I wake up in the morning and I raise my weary head...Got an old coat for a pillow and the earth was last night's bed...

Oh shit, that's not me, that's Bon Jovi. Let's try this again..

I wake up, exhausted from not nearly enough sleep   fully refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

You're not buying that, are you? Yeah, it was hard to write, too. As you can see from the pic below, I wake up a hot mess and NOT ready to go. I'd rather pull the covers over my head and drift back asleep.
But my mind goes to one thing. World peace. No... sorry. Coffee. My mind goes to coffee. But something stands between me and my coffee, though.
These fuckers. Only 7 steps, but they feel like 47 as I'm trudging up them first thing in the morning.
I make it up the stairs in one piece, and pour myself a nice hot steamy cup of Joe. A big one. Then I step out for a smoke. I know, I know. No lectures, I am fully aware of how bad they are for me. Kiddies are getting ready for school and for now, all is quiet. Not for long, they are fighting within a few minutes and I start my second job of the day, referee. lol
I glance at the time and realize that we are running late. Toss the smoke, chug the coffee and kick our asses into high gear. I run out to start the van and let it warm up and am greeted by a beautiful sunrise.

"Let's go, let's go, LET'S GO!!" as I shuttle everyone out. Buckle the baby into her car seat and we are on our way to school. Isn't she cute? Good, cuz you're going to be seeing A LOT of her throughout my day.
 After I drop the kiddies off, as long as they didn't forget their lunches, my day really begins. J makes a beeline for the dogs' water bowls. So much joy from splashing in a lil bit of water that I give her a couple minutes to enjoy it. Why the hell not, ya know?

After a few minutes, I chase her out of there. "Ooooh! What's that? Dog cage! I simply must explore it further!"  She sits and opens the door, closes the door, open, close, open, close, open... Get the picture?

 I can practically hear the dialog going on inside her head. "You see this shit?!? Right in front of me? KITTYYYYY!!!" Assuming babies have dialogs in their heads like we do. I mean, why not? I have a lot of fun coming up with crazy scenarios that I simply know must be taking place behind those big beautiful eyes of hers.
After she has sufficiently worked up an appetite, it's breakfast time. Today she had scrambled eggs, toast and a yogurt. And when it was all gone, she decided I was full of crap and she was going to get more herself. Then she started falling asleep in the high chair.

That means it's juuuust about naptime.But first she has to stand at the window and practice being a nosy neighbor. Seriously, don't come round here actin' a fool cuz she's watching you.

Definitely sleepy now, we plop down on the couch and nurse til her belly is nice and full or until Higglytown Heroes comes on the tv and the song distracts her. So we kick back and watch some of it together.
Eventually, she climbs up me and snuggles into my neck. I give her a kiss and carry her up to her crib and lay her down. Turn on her music and she is out like a light. 
 I stop off in the bathroom to clean up my finger that I cut slicing veggies last night, and look in the mirror. Ugh! I look like crap. GRAB-A-BRUSH-AND-PUT-A-LITTLE-MAKEUP!!! Ohhh how I love System of a Down. I need to find my CD. Hey! I don't look half bad today. Mini Photo Shoot!! (Cuz I'm lame like that also.)

Then I remember that I was supposed to be cleaning and re bandaging my thumb. So I go ahead and do that. Afterall, I've grown quite fond of my thumb over the years and would certainly like to keep it. 

*I had an awwwesome picture of my sliced up thumb, but it was pretty gnarly and Mike hinted that maybe I shouldn't post it. LMAO So... *Insert lack of awesome freaking gore picture here*

I come downstairs and realize that I haven't eaten breakfast yet. Surveying the fridge there is nothing that I feel like making. So I settle on a whole wheat bagel with some laughing cow spread and some yummy fruit. *In best Shrek voice" That'll do donkey. That'll do.

While eating, I screw around on Facebook. I post that I am in the mood to bake some bread, but am unsure of what to make. My friend Doug suggests Banana Bread. SCOOOOOORE!! So I wolf down my food and head to the kitchen and throw together my chocolate chip banana bread. It is delicious!
 UGH The worst thing about baking and cooking? The freaking mess that I make. And then have to clean up. 

So I clean up and it's time to let the dogs outside to do their business and run around a bit. The dogs, not me. I'm not running any-fucking-where!
 Now would be a good time for a smoke break seeing as how I'm outside and all. While having my smoke, I glance over and see a lil mound of snow that looks like a dinner roll. YES!! I'll throw together some dinner rolls to go with dinner. Inspiration strikes in the weirdest of places, uh?
Dogs come inside and spend the next 20 minutes or so wrestling around with each other. This totally gets annoying what with all the running and jumping and barking and growling. I'm exhausted just fucking watching them!
 Now J is awake and ready for lunch. Damn, does nap time really fly by. Zucchini and squash. And this stuff is SO watery that I move my arm and it spills all over me. Yuck. This is part of the reason why I like to make my own baby food. You can easily control the consistency.

 Guess I should make myself some lunch while I'm at it. I eat my lunch and even though she just ate, Josie helps me eat my lunch. Isn't she so thoughtful?
I nurse lil Miss J again, before loading her into the van again to go pick the kiddies and neighbor up from school.
J chills in her high chair while I straighten the kitchen up again and Nana surprises her with a lil Duck Puppet that quacks a song when you move the mouth. She just loves this thing. Either she is going to have a love for ducks, or she is going to have a love for eating ducks. I guess time will tell.

My mom wants to go get a haircut so we load up into her van and everyyyyone decides to get haircuts. Except for me. I want to, but Mr would probably divorce me if I cut my hair for thousandth time. Come to think of it... Hmmmm... Nope. I didn't get one. But M and L did. L even decided to go short. Shortest she's ever gone, and I think it looks cute as hell!
 Insert homework, kiddie fights, feeding dogs, chasing baby, more kiddie fights, and chasing a fussy baby *here*

Time to cook some dinner. Tonight I am using last night's Hearty Beef Stew leftovers and turning it into Hearty Beef Stew Shepherd's Pie. And of course the dinner rolls. I whipped up some whole wheat oat rolls and a loaf of bread of the same. So. damn. tasty!

J eats dinner and is soooo ready for bed. I pull out my phone to take a pic for the 3ooth time today and she gives me a kiss. Awwww, I melt. I love these sweet little moments amongst chaos. I nurse her one last time, snuggle with her for a few minutes, sing You Are My Sunshine, kiss her forehead and lay her in her crib.
 Now that J is sleeping, I go to start cleaning up from dinner and a package of Kumato Tomatoes that I bought catches my eye. Ooooh *lightbulb goes on in my head* I take one of my dinner rolls and slice it like bread, smear on some Garlic and Herb Laughing Cow, a quarter slice of Provolone cheese and a slice of tomato. I take a bite and my eyes roll back into my head. I throw together another one and bring it out to the garage for Mr to try. 
 "Mmm, that IS good. What's in the paper towel?" he asks. I tell him that I wasn't sure if he would like the tomato bread thingy, so I brought him out a piece of banana bread to chase it with just in case. He cracked up. See what a thoughtful broad I am? LOL Calling it another smoke break.
 Back into the house I go,this time to clean up from dinner. Put leftovers away, wash all the dishes, wipe down sink and counters... I'm sure you know the drill. Mr comes in from the garage and retreats to the couch to zone out to the tv.
Nice and clean. It may not be the nicest kitchen, but it's what I've got to work with and it's where I call home.
Time to throw Mr and the kiddies' lunches together for tomorrow, pack em up and shove em in the fridge.
I go downstairs and see Mr is passed out on the couch. I wake him up and tell him to go to bed.
I slowly make my way back up the stairs to brush my teeth, put on a face mask, wash my face and get into my pajamas.

Sleepiness is really starting to set in. Look ma! No makeup. Uggghhh. Yuck. There is a reason I wear that crap. lol
  I head back downstairs where I see this.  Yep. Still asleep!!
I wake him up again then sit down to blog my thoughts and some recipes for the whole 2 people that read it. I type away, temporarily losing myself in my thoughts. *glance at the clock* It's after midnight. FUCK. I reluctantly close down the laptop and get up. 
This is what I see. UGH!! I think he woke up enough to put his coat on to go out for a smoke but fell back asleep. I smack his leg and tell him to drag his ass to bed and that it is the last time I'm going to wake him up because I am going to bed. I also inform him that once my ass hits that bed, if he falls back asleep, he'll be riding the couch all night cuz I'm NOT getting up to wake him up a fourth time. 
Of course I lay in bed for at least 20 minutes, mind racing through exhaustion, thinking of everything I could have done better, things I should have done or shouldn't have done. How can I make tomorrow better? Eventually I drift off to sleep. And too damn soon, my alarm goes off....

So we meet again.
Where's my fucking coffeeee?

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