Monday, September 24, 2012

Coffee Chugging, Soccer Playing Mama...

     I got some mad skeeeeeels right here, yo. Lol Yeah, I can't even pretend to talk like that. It irritates the hell out of me! Anyways, L had to miss soccer practice today and she was really bummed out so we went outside and had our own Soccer practice. I actually played soccer with her, full on running and kicking etc, while holding a full mug of coffee. (MUG of coffee, NOT a travel cup with a lid.) And. I. Didn't. Spill. A. Drop. Yeeeeeah, boooooy. LOL Gotta love the massive mist in front if us. Dare I say someone was dropping in to watch his granddaughter play soccer? <3
     We had such a great time tho, and I really believe this will be one of those moments that she will look back on as she gets older. At least I hope it will be.
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