Saturday, September 1, 2012

Photo A Day: September

    Without further ado, lets kick this challenge off.

9.1: "You, Now." (ugh. You asked for it. lol)
Fresh out the shower. LOL

I love you endlessly, my Superman

9.2: "Father"... This one was really hard for me... I wanted it to be special, but I have very few pics of my dad. He just wasn't a picture person, and I never thought I was going to lose him so soon. If I could go back, I'd take a Photo A Day, just. of. him. Anyways, onto my pic.

 Having a "cuppa joe" with my dad. Ohhh how I miss you and wish I really could be having coffee with you, just like we used to . **************************************************
My friend, Jess.
9.3: "Far Away" This was a fairly easy one for me. My "far away" is my awesome friend Jess. She's not really all that far away, but just enough so that we don't get to see each other much. Over the 7 years that we have been friends, we have had some seriously awesome times. Some of my favorites times are of our "dark drives" that we used to take. They were great for getting through our anxious or stressful times in one piece. We'd jump in my van, stop at B.P. and get coffee, queue up a CD with just the right music, roll the windows down (especially during winter) find the darkest, curviest or tree lined road that we could, and just drive. No words were needed on those drives. We were, for those moments, free. I miss our drives.
My Mailbox

9.4 "In My Mailbox:" Nothing for me. Which thankfully means no bills. lol ************************************************

9.5 "Bright" I love all of my kiddies' smiles, but 
Josie's smile is heart meltingly contagious. I have been so blessed, this is the kind of smile she wakes up with. Every time. *smile* **********************************************
 9.6 "Every Day:" Dirty dishes. UGH. They are the BANE of my EXISTENCE. Really, can't dirty dishes and dirty laundry just go... I don't know... elope somewhere?!? Please? I'll send a fantastic wedding gift, I promise!

 9.7: "Natural:" Ants on a flower in our garden. Does it get any more natural than that? lol

 9.8 "At Night:" Because everything is better by candlelight, yes?

9.9:"Something I Do Most Weekends:"After a long day usually consisting of one (or two) of Lucy's soccer games and one of Michael's football games, and cooking and cleaning, I relax. Really, leave me alone! lol Ok, well, I try to relax at least. But you know, a mama's work is never done. Never. Ever. Done. *smile*

 9.10 "Black and White:" My Josie after eating bananas. Wide awake right before the "full belly sleepies" kick in. There are no words as to just how much I truly love this picture of her. <3

 9.11: "Hero:" My hero is my big brother. To say that we didn't always get along growing up would be a massive understatement. Even so, no matter who, what, when, where or why,
he always. had. my. back. Ya know how I always say that my dad was my Superman? Well, my brother would be my Batman. 

♥ I love you, brother and am proud of the amazing daddy you have become! ♥

9.12: Together:" I don't think this really needs an explanation. Josie and I, resting together

9.13:"Table" Sometimes my bedroom windowsill is a makeshift table. Hey, it works. lol

9.14: "Favorite" Books. I... love... books. Lots of books. A lot. I only wish I had more. The shelf is only 2 1/2 rows deep. :(

9.15: "First Thing You See" For me, that would be an empty bed since the old man is already at work. Sometimes my Josie joins me for a lazy morning feeding. lol

 9.16: "Strange" This is such a strange place for a kids' soccer team to play. LOL


9.17: "In My Fridge" Just went grocery shopping so we're all set for the week.

9.18: "Price" The price of one of my favorite trashy vamp novels. :)

9.19: "Underneath" Standing underneath a beautifully colorful tree on my block.
9.20: "Man-Made" Seriously delicious Chocolate Chip Banana Bread made by this (WO)man. ;)

 9.21: "Sometimes" Sometimes I actually take a good picture. Tho not usually. lol
 9.22: "Up" Looking up at the sky
 9.23: "Before Bedtime" No shame in my game. LOL Me, before bedtime, getting ready to wash off my face mask treatment.

 9.24: "Three Things" (torn) blue jeans, arm warmers and hot, strooong coffee. black, with sugar. Hellooooo Fall! <3
 9.25: "Frame" Lucy bell and my mom bought me this frame. Lucy spotted it and got excited cuz it had part of my blog title on it.
 9.26: "Near" No explanation needed, right?
 9.27: "Love/Hate" I love living on a dead end by a creek. I hate the crazy amount of super ignorant tweens/teens that walk by being, well, ignorant and disrespectful as all hell. CAN WE STOP FRIENDING OUR KIDS AND START PARENTING THEM ALREADY?? sigh.
 9.28: "A Good Thing" My son, going from being bullied and miserable for yeeears, to being voted Homecoming Prince on his football team this weekend, is a VERY GOOD THING. <3

9.29: "Errand" Grocery shopping. blah
9.30: "You, Then" My daddy and I, waaaay back when. love, love, love. *big smile*

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