Tuesday, September 11, 2012


     So, L was doing a crossword puzzle. ( I didn't know it at the time but it was on agriculture... Yeah, you see where this is going? ) This is the conversation that ensued:

L: "Mom... what's a hoe?"

Me: *spits coffee out, clutches painful part of jaw* "WHAT?"

L: "A HOE... HOOOOE, mom. Whats a HOE?" *giggle giggle*

Me: "You tell me, what do YOU think a hoe is?"

L: "Ummm." *giggle* "I don't know".

Me: "Yeah you do, cuz you're laughing. What do YOU think a hoe is?"

L: "A really weird person?"

Me:  *sigh* "Yes. Yes, that's it. But its also a garden tool... Lets not call anyone a hoe, ok?"

L: "Deal."

Lmfao! ♥ Have I mentioned how MUCH  I love my kiddies. <3
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