Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's Been Going On Over Here...

     Some of you may notice that not all of my recent recipes are from scratch. It's probably going to be that way for a little while. Remember, I have said in the past, I am NOT a food snob or baking snob. I do NOT think that baking from scratch is the only way. I think that baking or cooking for your family in general shows love, no matter how you do it. Whatever suits you and your family, is in fact, the right way. I DO prefer to bake and cook from as close to totally scratch as I can, but that is just that... My preference. And I have had to shake that up a bit right now.

     As of right now I am 8 months along and this pregnancy has been beating the hell out of me. I just haven't had the get-up-and-go to, well, get up and go. I mean, I guess in a lot of ways, this time around isn't reeeally as bad as my last two pregnancies, especially when you consider the fact that I have NOT been put on bed rest this time! YAAAAAY! (Although most days I almost wish I was. lol) My blood pressure has been perfect, which is surprising since that was the issue with the other two. Maybe it just seems harder this time around because I am older as well as... ummm... well, fatter.

     However, I was very surprised to learn that this time around I have Gestational Diabetes. NOT fricking cool, man. In case you haven't yet figured out, I love to bake. And I love to enjoy what I'm baking. By eating it. lol This has been VERY hard to come to terms with. And knowing that because of this diagnosis, I am now at a higher risk to have Type 2 Diabetes later on down the road is a real issue for me. I really have to overhaul how I eat. And cook. And bake. And LIVE. Just a side-note here, I REALLY do not like having to do something. If I choose to, that's one thing. But to know that I do not have a choice just makes me want to rebel and fight, which of course is just not an option in this situation.

     So, for right now, I am focusing more so on quick and easy VS every little thing from scratch. I am also working on some recipes that are Type 2 Diabetes friendly, but of course they are going to have to meet my standards. They can't taste like crap, they have to be delicious. They have to be easy to semi-easy and NOT take a million years to make. So look for that coming up on the horizon. :)
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