Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Birthday to the BEST friend a broad could ever have!

Today is a day that I am truly grateful for. Wanna know why? Because it's the day my best friend in the whole damn world was born!

Brina is one of the sweetest, kindest, most big hearted and generous people that I know. She has a wicked awesome sense of humor, just like I do. Just one of many reasons we get along so well, I suppose. She is an amazing mama and I honestly couldn't have dreamt up a better friend. She is more than my friend, she is my sister. Maybe not by blood, but what we have is stronger than blood. Can you believe in 16 years, we have NEVER had a single fight? No joke. 

And out of all those 16 years, she has been there with me through it all. Thick and thin, happiness and tears. She has gotten me through Hell, and instead of leaving me- she took my hand and walked through it with me. Through my absolute darkest days, she was my light. There were a few times that if it wasn't for Brina, I can say that I would not still be here. 

 So to you Brina, thank you so very much for being there for me, for always staying my my side- giggling "someone's gonna get it!"- and never judging me!

 I got nothin' but love for ya, girl. I hope you have a truly awesome birthday. You deserve it. Sorry I can't be there with you today, but you and me and some beers? That's going down real soon! Love you, sister, with all my heart! 
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