Friday, November 15, 2013

Wait... Did I really just fit in this?

I received this outfit (the red and black outfit on the right of the picture) this evening from an awesome woman on a Pay It Forward Page. I needed something formal to wear for my Mr.'s company Christmas Party in December. I was really starting to freak out because the place that I always found my dresses (on deep Clearance) went out of business. NO WAY was dropping even 100 bucks on a dress for one night an option so close to the Holidays. I mean, I've got 3 kiddies, come on!

Anyways, I thought it was all a size 18 but I was confident I could fit in it and if not, I figured I would only have to drop a few pounds to fit, worst case scenario. I opened the box and just happened to glance at the size and my heart sank. The top was an 18 but the bottoms were a size 14/16. The problem? I wear a size 22!

Correction! I WORE a size 22, because after convincing myself to try them on, I realized that THEY FIT! They weren't too tight or anything. Can I get a happy dance? Lol All this time I've been wearing size 22's and wondering how in the hell  I stayed the same pants size after dropping so much weight. I could have been in a much smaller size! Who'da thought?

I am SO crazy excited and this just kicked my motivation into hyperdrive! I am so ready to continue forward on my journey, to continue strong.

I just... Well, I just don't even have the words to express my happiness right now! If you feel like giving up, I urge you, keep pushing forward! You will not regret it! I promise!

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