Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Excuse me while I have a When Harry Met Sally restaurant scene moment..."

     Scrolling through Pinterest, I came across something beautiful. Something so beautiful, I could've cried. But I didn't. Instead, I wiped the drool from my mouth and ran upstairs to the kitchen. I then did a quick survey of the cabinets to make sure I had what I needed to make these bad boys, and seeing that I did indeed, I set to work.

     You ready for this? Hold onto your pants. Almond. Joy. Cupcakes! UGH!!These cupcakes are super duper easy while still yielding seriously impressive results. I did tweak the recipe a bit, adding in 1 tsp of coconut extract to the cake batter and I also used melted dark chocolate to dip them in instead of chocolate melts. I know Almond Joy candies have milk chocolate, but I'm a sucker for some dark chocolate. And these were made  to get stuffed into *my* pie-hole for my family who enjoys the dark stuff, so that is what I used.

     These are also delicious without the chocolate shell. My mom isn't too fond of very sweet things, and these are definitely very sweet, so I left a couple without it. Of course I tried one of those, too.

            Freaking... YUM!

     If you are a fan of Almond Joys, then I strongly urge you to give these a try. For really real. But, be warned that after tasting one, you may have to try a second one. You know, just to make sure that they really were THAT delicious and it wasn't just your imagination. And maybe even a third. That's perfectly fine. Just don't hog the plate of cupcakes to yourself and start swinging at anyone who comes near them. Cuz you know, that would be crazy. More for you, sure, but still crazy. You can find the recipe for these bad ass mofos HERE.
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