Monday, February 11, 2013

Ohhhhh Beyoncé... Really??

     Unless you live under a rock, I'm sure you've heard about this whole Beyoncé issue regarding the pictures from her Super Bowl performance. She wants several of the pictures removed from the web because they are... wait for it... unflattering. Hello!! That sums up the majority of my pictures. You can read the story and see the pics.HERE
     She's on stage dancing fiercely, giving one hell of a show. Does she really expect that all of her pictures are going to look perfect? I mean seriously, they are action pictures. If you don't want there to be pictures of you making funny faces while dancing your heart out, then just fucking stand there like a stick in the mud and sing. Thats like me doing cartwheels, knowing someone is taking pictures, and getting pissed off when I'm upside down in some of the pictures.
     And really, why does Beyoncé feel entitled to decide what we see? Everyone that was watching that performance SAW those thrusts, hair tosses and awkward faces. Are you going to ask that we wipe our memory?? Furthermore, do you think that all of the people who have been featured on that wonderful People of Walmart site want to be on there?? But ohhh that's right, you're one of the Elite ones. You were allowed to (allegedly) shut down an entire wing of a hospital while you gave birth. I guess this is small beans compared to that.
     Hell, since you feel so entitled to dictate what everyone sees, I have a good 100 extra pounds that I don't want people to see. Shake a leg and get on that, will ya?
     Join us in living in the really real world, won't you? Pfffft... Celebrities.
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