Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Day!!

     Not a legit snow day, since we didn't get as much snow as was expected. Just enough snow tho for me to not want to be out driving with a baby amongst the eeeeediots that don't know how to drive when there is white stuff on the ground. The kiddies weren't feeling well yesterday so I also figured "What he hell, I'll give em an extra day to feel better." Also didn't want to have to go out in this after getting the inevitable call "Your child is sick, when can you come pick him/her up?" So, snow day it is!


Mr had his day off today and was outside running the snow blower while I was having a smoke. I love watching the snow shoot out of it. It just looks so pretty. This time however, the snow shooting out of the snow blower blanketed the face with an almost perfect blank canvas. It made me want to paint but of course I'm out of paint. And canvas, and my brushes are shot. (Awesome idea I had when I bought craptastic brushes to try and save a few bucks. Blah. Lesson learned.) Anyways, I'm staring at the beautiful blank canvas and sad because I can't paint. *Insert mega pouty lip here.* Because well, thats what I do when I'm pouting..

     Flash forward about 20 minutes, *lightbulb goes off*
  • Me: *gasp!* "Mike! Do you have any spray bottles?"
  • Mr: "No."
  • Me: "Damn it!" OH!! Wait! *Picks up empty Cherry Coke bottle* "Can you poke holes in the cap for me?"
  • Mr: "Okay, why?"
  • Me: "I have an ideeeeeea!"
  • Mr: *pokes holes in pop cap*
  • Me: "More! We need at least two more!"
  • Mr: *Searches around and comes up with exactly two more* (See, it was meant to be!)
  • Me: "Can you poke holes in those, too?"
  • Mr: *Pokes holes in those as well.* (he's such a trooper, isn't he?)
  • Me: "Thaaaank yoooou!" *heads to the kitchen*
      I'm sure by now you can totally see where I'm going with this. I filled each bottle with  cold water and dropped in some food coloring, rounded the kiddies up and we headed outside. Once they figured out what was about to go down, they were seriously stoked. As was I.

     The kiddies had a freaking blast, and I loved watching them get so into it. Oh you KNOW I took pictures. I took a lot of pictures. And now my friends? Yes, I am going to bombard you with said pictures.

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    1. Thank you, Danis!!! It was so much fun and definitely one of my favorite snow day memories!


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