Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sometimes You Just Gotta Rock.

  • Sometimes I get really down in the dumps. 
  •  And sometimes, when I get really down in the dumps, I have to bake. 
  • And when I bake, I have to listen to music. 
  • And when I bake and listen to music, I have to sing. 
  • And when I bake and listen to music and sing, I have to dance. 
  • And when I bake and listen to music and sing and dance?
               Well my friends, then, I look like a total asshole.

     No, really. I mean it. I cannot dance. I can't even not dance. I don't know what it is I do, but I'm sure it's not pretty. But throw me a really good song, and a soup ladle and I will go to fucking town. No joke. I will throw down. Most recently, this involved baking Monkey Bread and that Peek A Boo Heart Cake that has been circulating around Pinterest. I was listening to Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover by Sophie B. Hawkins. And out came the soup ladle. And since I figured people probably think I'm full of shit when I post on facebook about singing into a soup ladle, out came the camera.
     Cuz, ya know... Sometimes, you just gotta drop your guard and rock theeee fuck out. And then post the evidence on the net. Cuz you just don't give a shit. Oh, wait... Maybe that's just me. But you should, too. Really, it's fun! What are you guilty of singing into? A hairbrush? A spoon? Come on, you know you do it. What's that one song that comes on and no matter who is around you just HAVE to sing along?
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