Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Whole30 Day 1... WHAT... have I gotten myself into??

My family and I are at the end of Day 1 of our Whole30 Challenge. To say that we have a very wide range of emotions running through our house would be a massive understatement.

Taking it the best of all of us (by far!) is my 12 year old daughter. I pretty much expected this because she loves almost all "healthy" foods. She has always been the type to choose fruits and veggies over sugary snacks, tho over the last year or two her sugar snacking has increased. Since she was a toddler, she had the "Buddha belly". We figured she'd outgrow it, but as she's gotten older it hasn't gone away. She is very self conscious about it and gets made fun of. Kids can be so damn cruel. We are hoping this challenge will help us determine if it's from a food sensitivity or not.

My 16 year old son isn't exactly happy about the challenge. But I think that he has the most to potentially gain from this. Our hopes for him is that this helps break his sugar addiction. At 16, there is only so much we can do at home. We're not at his school to make sure he's not eating crap. I also think this will help him a lot for wrestling.

We're not making our 3 year old do this as strict as we are. I just don't think she's old enough. I know that some may disagree but I know my child. She is so incredibly picky. So we are just looking to improve her eating and find more foods that she likes.

The Hubster isn't exactly fully on board, tho he's going to try. He is ok with the food changes but doesn't want to drink his coffee black or give up his soda pop. He's promised to cut back a lot on how much he's drinking. Time will tell.

As for me... I think I'm going to have the hardest time of all. I am pretty certain that I have issues with dairy which is the hardest for me to give up. I just want some cheese, damn it. On top of the Whole30, I am also attempting to quit my pack a day smoking habit. That's my biggest struggle at this exact moment. Going cold turkey was a bit overkill for me with everything else I'm giving up so I'm allowing myself 5 cigarettes each day. As time goes on I'll decrease that more and more. So far so good and I still have one left.

I am not looking forward to this part because I withdraw from nicotine very harshly. As I sit and type this out, I'm shaking. This is the point that I gave up on my first/last attempt at Whole30/quitting smoking. I tried it a year ago? Maybe? I made it half way through Day 1 and couldn't stop panicking and crying. So I quit. I'm determined to do it this time. Well, I'm further than I got last time. Moving on to Day 2....

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