Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Whole30 Day 9... That time roller derby saved my ass..

Today was a daaaamn good day! I walked into the kitchen looking for a compliant snack. A few cashews or one of the compliant Larabars, just something small to tide me over till dinner. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 3:45pm. It suddenly struck me that not only do I walk into the kitchen looking for a snack everyday at that exact time, but also that I wasn't hungry. I wonder how many days of how many months of how many years I went into the kitchen looking for a snack at that time without even being hungry! SUCH an eye opener!

This afternoon, I went outside to pull my truck off the street cuz the plow was coming. I slipped on the sloppy wet snow and my legs FLEW out from under me. My arms were flailing like I was at a late-night rave. My body literally turned in midair and somehow I managed to turn myself back. As I was coming back down, I bent my legs and got into derby stance to try and land upright while absorbing the shock. And that's exactly how I landed. Which was awesome. Until my fucking feet slid out from under me again so I turned my fall into a 6 point fall/slide. (Think a baseball slide- onto your knees then elbows then you slide forward with your wrists and hands.)
My back is sore but daaaamn that could've been worse. THANK YOU DERBY for teaching me to regain balance when in a crazy falling situation and how to fall safely when a fall can't be avoided.

Derby: saving lives every day. LMFAOOOOO Btw- if anyone saw me, I hope you recorded that shit so I can see it.

Btw- Today's meals have been brought to you by "damn it, I reeeeally need to go grocery shopping. STAT!"

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